Thursday, 12 February 2015

Dealing with rights and consent in PV

I've written in a different blog about an idea of how to handle rights and consent in PV:

Image result for cc by ncIn this project, we're actually doing it.  The idea is that the participants in the workshop (a mix of local teachers, NGO staff and one of the team from the OU) will make a film, taking the role of film-makers and handling consent and rights like a production company would.  Once complete, if they're happy with it, they will sign the film over to the NGO who will be the copyright owner.  In turn, they make it available on a CC BY  NC  basis or similar.

This, as a public document is available to the research team as data, to complement interviews, ethnographic data and documentary analysis of production resources produced during the project.  All of these are also covered by informed consent with the participants in the workshop to contributing to the research project.  

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