Thursday, 12 February 2015

Getting Going

It's late and there's far too much to do before I take a break for holiday next week, but nevertheless I feel very excited about this project.  Sometimes the stars are just right, and a whole set of ideas and conversations all crash together and you're off.  Even so, going from an initial meeting in London with a colleague and two staff from an NGO I'd not even heard of before to a live project in Malawi in just a few months is not bad.  As a researcher I've sometimes spent years pushing to get something off the ground, or months developing a bid which was rejected.  I think it shows the quality of the people that have collected around this project that it all took off so quickly.

A few things I personally think are special about what we're doing:

- It's a chance to properly try out some of the ideas I've had for some time now about how PV can be used to generate research data
- Ditto for PV practice and mobile devices.
- I'm working with some really cool and effective people.  We'll have to introduce ourselves and the project next.
- We're going to Malawi, somewhere I've never been, via Johannesburg, where I was born
- It starts in a fortnight.

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