Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Mixing it up: Exercises and games

Saturday was scripting day.  But we started off gently with some storyboards, pitching and filming of some kit films - making a 2 shot advertisement about a piece of equipment.  It's an old standard, but in this case there was some confusion as we'd introduced the idea the evening before in a rush to set up the idea before the closing time of the workshop. Everything was shot and edited on the ipads, which proved themselves in this context at least.

We also ran some group interviews, and a wander around the garden at the lodge where we were holding the workshops to try and spot shots and sounds and ideas that would show what the place is like.

All of this made building a script easier.  In group work I find that with harder things like make collective sense of a script it pays to talk and then do something else and then talk and then something else and then come back to it.  It's like breathing - not a choice between in or out, either/or, but rather both, in good proportion.

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