Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Last day of Filming?

Considering we're only here for such a short time, it's certainly impressive that we've managed to pack in over six days of filming, between workshops and school visits. Today was the last day of filming at Nasonjo school, and that leaves only two days before the group gathers again for the editing workshop, and only three days before the screening! I'll be producing an assembly/first cut edit for the group based on the planning we did at the last workshop, and then the group will review the edit on Thursday, with changes and a few finishing touches to be done for Friday's screening.

Time is really a huge factor in this project. Every day there have been new things to discuss, both in terms of content (every interview question leads to discussion, and the interview rehearsal often sparks more thoughts), but also in terms of film-making (technically and aesthetically). The great thing is that the group have been so open, and there has been a real sense of sharing knowledge for all of us, all fuelled by the enthusiasm and energy of the staff from the two schools.

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